OSOMO/Nordsol plant update

Nordsol Seed T2 investment completed

Today (17 November 2020) we completed the step up of our Shell Ventures equity position in Nordsol to 28% (from 10%) by converting our April Convertible Loan (EUR 625k) and providing for fresh equity (EUR 975k). Nordsol strives to make bio-LNG mainstream with its patented technology. Their production process turns biogas into bio-LNG in an economically feasible way and thus provides an alternative to green gas. Nordsol develops, invests, builds and manages the installations and works together with various investors, biogas suppliers and bio-LNG customers: https://www.nordsol.com/about-us/

Site preparation started.

Project in figures


June 2020
Operational: June 2021
Supply of organic waste: 44,0 kton/yr
Input from crude biogas: 8,0 M Nm3/yr
Expected bio-LNG production: 3,4 kton/yr
Expected bio-CO2 production: 6,3 kton/yr
CO2 Emission bio-LNG: 0,0

Renewi, Nordsol (OSOMO) and Shell teaming up to produce bio-LNG

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BioLNG plant – 3D Design

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