LNG Network Expansion Update

The LNG Retail stations that are part of this project will form part of pan-European network and are built in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The stations will be located approximately every 300-400 km along core road network corridors from Spain to eastern Poland.


In May 2018 Shell opened its first Belgium LNG station for trucks in Herstal and in November 2018 its first German LNG station in Hamburg. This complimented seven existing Shell sites in The Netherlands (Rotterdam, Waalwijk, Amsterdam, Pijnacker, Waddinxveen, Eindhoven and Heerenveen).


In 2019 Shell opened three CEF sites: two in Belgium (Rekken and Antwerp) and one in Germany (Lehre).


In 2020, we could further progress our network development. In the last few weeks, we opened a couple of strategic LNG sites in Spain, Poland, France and Germany, creating a long-awaited blue corridor across the Europe and strongly differentiating our offer on the market. We have currently 25 Shell LNG branded sites, 11 of them co-funded by the European Union: 4 in Belgium, 4 in Germany, 1 in France, 1 in Poland and 1 in Spain.


Up to June 2021, we have 32 Shell LNG branded sites, 17 of them co-funded by the European Union: 6 in Belgium, 15 in Germany, 7 in the Netherlands, 1 in France, 1 in Poland, 1 in Spain and 1 in Turkey.

Stay updated and visit our map for the latest on Shell and Third-Parties LNG station network expansion here.

Meer (Belgium)

Now open and operational

Gent (Belgium)

Now open and operational

Rekkem (Belgium)

Now open and operational

Antwerp (Belgium)

Now open and operational

Lehre (Germany)

Now open and operational (announcement)

3 new stations: Sittensen, Herzsprung and Jettingen (Germany)

Lyon Mionnay (France)

1st French LNG Station: now open and operational

Plaine de Beauce (France)

Currently under construction

Wroclaw (Poland)

1st Polish LNG station: now open and operational

Swiecko (Poland)

Now open and operational

Azuqueca (Spain)

1st Spanish LNG station– Now open and operational (press release)