LNG Network Expansion

The LNG Retail stations that are part of this project will form part of a pan-European network and be built in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The stations will be located approximately every 300-400 km along core road network corridors from Spain to eastern Poland.

In May 2018 Shell opened its first Belgium LNG station for trucks in Herstal and in November 2018 its first German LNG station in Hamburg. This complimented seven existing Shell sites in The Netherlands (Rotterdam, Waalwijk, Amsterdam, Pijnacker, Waddinxveen, Eindhoven and Heerenveen).

Existing Shell LNG sites as well as those which have obtained permits for construction can be viewed here.

For 2019 there are 7 sites in development, the first 4 either being constructed or nearing completion.  These are in Antwerp (open), Rekkem (open), Lehre in Germany (opening soon) and Wroclaw in Poland (under construction).

Rekkem – Belgium – now open and operational

Antwerp – now open and operational

Lehre – opening soon

Wroclaw, Poland civil works started in September 2019

How can we help your business?

If you wish to hear more about the BioLNG EuroNet project and how this can help your business to move to a cleaner fuel, please reach out to any of the consortium members part of the project.