Shell’s annual LNG Outlook – February 2019

The Shell LNG Outlook report reaffirms Shell’s knowledge of the LNG market and provides an in depth understanding of the industry.

To read the full report and overview of LNG as road fuel (page 13) please follow this link: LNG Outlook for 2019.

LNG Uptake

In Europe, several countries are incentivising uptake in the heavy-duty transport sector. For example, in Germany there is a road toll exemption for LNG trucks for 2 years until 2020 and a wider government subsidy through this CEF project for LNG trucks which will help demand grow. Besides Germany, the CEF subsidy also covers Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Poland and Spain.

Switching heavy-duty vehicles to LNG diversifies the fuel mix and can help reduce air pollution. In Europe, more than 5,000 heavy duty trucks are refuelling at 201 LNG filling stations*. The number of trucks is expected to grow drastically in line with the target and reach 280,000 by 2030*. Projects like BioLNG EuroNet will help facilitate the mass scale adoption of LNG as a road fuel in Europe and help the EU meet its 2050 goal of a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions.

*Source: NVGA

How can we help your business?

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