LNG Network Expansion Update

The Shell LNG Retail network is steadily expanding, and the construction works are happening in most of the countries involved in the BioLNG EuroNet project: Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, and Spain. Currently, there are 2 stations under construction in Belgium, in Gent and Meer. Both stations are expected to be opened for the customers later this year, enriching Belgian LNG network to 6 stations in 2020.

Meer – constructions started in February 2020

Gent – constructions started in September 2019

A successful opening of LNG station happened in October 2019 in Lehre, Germany, making LNG network more accessible to the local and international customers. German LNG station network is expected to grow rapidly as already another station in Hermsdorp has initiated the new site construction works.

Lehre – operational since October 2019

In France, the construction of the first Shell LNG site has started in 2019. The station in Mionnay will serve as an important connection to the southern European region. The opening of another station in Spain, Azuqueca, will complete the connection between northern Europe and southern Europe by linking Hamburg and Madrid regions. We are expecting the opening of this station in Q2 2020.

Wroclaw – expected to be opened in Q2 2020

Mionnay – constructions started in October 2019

On the site inauguration waiting list is the station in Poland, Wroclaw. The opening of the site has been delayed. However, we are looking forward to seeing this site in operations by Q2 2020.

Stay updated and visit our map for the latest on Shell and Third-Parties LNG station network expansion here.